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    Monday, January 20, 2014
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    Saturday, June 01, 2013
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    Saturday, April 20, 2013
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    Monday, April 08, 2013
    Saturday, January 12, 2013
  6. Joshua Gilbert's Newsletter
    Saturday, December 22, 2012
  7. News from Selah Farm, South Africa
    Friday, December 07, 2012
  8. South African Apologetic Newsletter - Joshua Gilbert
    Thursday, December 06, 2012

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Answers for Death and Suffering - Joshua Gilbert


By providing these  and other resources in our newsletters we in no imply that you are ignorant of issues presented or discussed, We acknowledge that in some instances your knowledge of such issues may be greater or more in depth than that presented by us. Nevertheless they are presented  because we believe that are valuable resources to the body of Christ. Feedback from our readers confirm this.


In this newsletter, we deal with the very important issue facing pastors and church workers viz. preparing and preaching messages for unique funeral situations like the death of a child, death of a young parent, death through auto accident etc. These articles are  written by pastors with many years of experience with a view to help fellow pastors and Christian leaders to cope when faced with similar situations should they need such information/guidance. They are presented in this newsletter to edify and equip one to preach meaningfully for God’s glory at such funerals. They are merely guidelines that one will need to adapt to suit the type of funeral one is called to preach at.



These messages will also comfort individuals and families who have lost loved ones through death or in counseling families and friends who have.

Messages for Unique Funeral Situations


See attachments 2.01-2.08


We would love to hear from you. Please take a few moments to write to us if our ministry has been a blessing to you.  Your comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Please forward this newsletter to others who may benefit from it and ask them to join our mailing list as well.


 If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters please let us know.


Yours in His Service


Joshua Gilbert

Pastors and Christian Workers Resource Network

P O Box 562066

Chatsworth 4030

South Africa


Cell   : 0744013157

Is Jesus the Only Way to God?



In this newsletter we tackle the difficult Question “How Can Christ be the Only Way to God?”


The following are difficult questions that must be asked if we claim that Christ is the only Way to God


(i) Why did God not bring the Gospel to people who He knew would accept it if they heard it,

even though they reject the light of general revelation that they do have?

(ii) More fundamentally, why did God even create the world, when He knew that so many people

would not believe the Gospel and be lost?

(iii) Even more radically, why did God not create a world in which everyone freely believes the Gospel and is saved?

What is the Christian particularist supposed to say in answer to these questions?

Does Christianity make God out to be cruel and unloving?


A rigorous attempt to answer the problem of the fate of the unevangelized and the challenge of
religious pluralism is provided by world famous Christian Apologist and scholar Dr. William Lane Craig. See attachment.

For more of the outstanding resources by Dr. William Lane Craig  visit his website

SACAM Newsletter #28

In this newsletter we deal with contemporary issues that are hotly debated in the media and confront us regularly especially challenges to the traditional view of Christian marriage and the family
Fortunately answers to these and other important issues from a Biblical perspective are presented by which was born from an honest search for answers to the most important questions of life.
The PleaseConvinceMe Team is  passionately involved in the search for truth and to provide answers so that we can stand firm in our faith, ready to defend Christianity in a world that is often hostile to the Biblical worldview.
For more resources see

Hot Topics


A Simple Case for Traditional Marriage Wedding Proposal

Short and to the Point Proponents of same-sex marriage are quick to offer short, pithy and powerful rhetorical statements to support their position as they challenge the views of those who support traditional heterosexual marriage. “Why would you deny people [Read More]


What Does God Say About Same Sex Marriage? Wedding Rings


Is It In There? There are many ‘hot topic’ issues in our culture that seem to be hard to find on the pages of scripture. You’ll be hard pressed to find “Same Sex Marriage” in your Bible’s concordance! Maybe that’s [Read More]

Responding to Those Who Support Same Sex Marriage couples-wedding-certificate-III

Why Are We Arguing About This? There are many Christians who simply don’t understand why believers would even be involved in the discussion of same sex marriage. Some of us, as Christ followers, have simply not examined the issue carefully [Read More]

Posted in Hot Topics |

written by Aaron Brake When it comes to controversial moral debates like same-sex marriage, trite sayings such as this one on the right are echoed quite often in a culture where the make-up man has become more important than the [Read More]


Should Government Recognize and Legalize Same Sex Marriage?    Champagne Glasses and Wedding Cake                                   

What Do Proponents Want? Why should anyone oppose homosexual couples who want to be married to each other? Shouldn’t we promote loving relationships and encourage the kind of commitment that we recognize in marriages all over the country? Why would [Read More]


Disturbing Statistics According to the study, “Gay Male and Lesbian Youth Suicide.” (from the Report to the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth Suicide, 1989), gay and lesbian youth are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other [Read More]


Were David and Jonathan Homosexual Lovers? David and Goliath

A Variety Of Opinions Today It’s important to remember that throughout the centuries, both Jews and Christians have interpreted the relationship between David and Jonathan as a heterosexual friendship, although obviously a deep and sincere one. You won’t have a [Read More]



What God Says About Racism Black and White United

Thinking About Prejudice Living here in Southern Orange County, where most of us look a lot alike, you may not find yourself thinking much about prejudice as it relates to racism. It’s usually when several different races are forced to [Read More]


What God Says About Slavery Shackles

Does God Support It? On March 25th, 1807, the world celebrated the abolition of the Slave Trade Act, which for many years had allowed slaves to be bought and sold in the United Kingdom. In 1863, America followed the lead [Read More]


What God Says About Alcohol Glasses of Beer

A member of Alcoholics Anonymous once sent columnist Ann Landers the following: We drank for happiness and became unhappy. We drank for joy and became miserable. We drank for sociability and became argumentative. We drank for sophistication and became obnoxious. [Read More]


What God Says About Suicide Dispair

Where Can I Find the Truth? There is so much solid information our there about suicide, and you may know someone who has struggled with this in their own lives. How can you help? How would you even know when [Read More]


What is the Truth About the Date and Origin of Christmas? Christmas

So, Exactly When Was Jesus Born? Every year as the Christmas season approaches, many Christians ask the obvious questions related to the birth of Jesus. First, was Jesus actually born on December 25th? And second, if He wasn’t born on [Read More]


What God Says About Abortion

Many Would Not Be Here When she was twenty weeks pregnant, Leeann Phelan went to the doctor for a routine pre-natal check-up. Her doctor discovered something that concerned him, so he referred her to another hospital. A second battery of [Read More]

Posted in Hot Topics |

Answering Questions About Abortion Newborn Baby in Mother Hand

What Are the Real Issues? No matter what you discuss with anyone regarding the issue of Abortion, the REAL issue is one simple question: “WHAT IS IT?” If the fetus IS human, then abortion is murder. If it is NOT [Read More]


Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Objections babyinwomb

written by Aaron Brake What follows are some of the most common objections to the pro-life view one is likely to hear from defenders of abortion, both in the media and in everyday conversation. It is my hope the pro-life [Read More]


What God Says About Genetic Engineering Genetic Engineering

A Difficult Issue The issue of genetic engineering is an important one in our world today as we struggle to come to terms with some very difficult moral issues. Most people think of ‘cloning’ when they think of this topic, [Read More]


What’s All the Thankfulness About? Like most Christian holidays, Thanksgiving has become a secular institution in America, moving from religious meaning to cultural tradition. This is the case for most other Christian holidays as well. Let’s face it, Christmas is [Read More]


What Does God Say About War? Identical Tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery

The Case for Pacifism In a time when the world is still divided by war and conflict, Christians have a duty and responsibility to think through the morality of the use of deadly force, especially when it comes to the [Read More]

SACAM Newsletter #27

It is our special joy to continue to bring to you information through our  News Letters that

Ø  provide an articulate, intelligent voice for biblical Christianity in the public arena.

Ø  challenge unbelievers with the truth of biblical Christianity.

Ø  train Christians to state and defend Christian truth claims with greater effectiveness and confidence.

Ø  encourage Christians to live fruitful lives and to be  involved in evangelism and missions.

This news letter features outstanding  Resources on the Resurrection from Chad of Truth Bomb Apologetics
They will help you to learn  more about the claims of Jesus Christ and the historical evidence for His resurrection from the dead. Please  click on our Resurrection Research Links below.

They contain links to articles, audio, debates, and videos dealing with numerous topics that relate to the resurrection of Jesus Christ by . some of the top scholars in the field including Gary Habermas, Mike Licona  and Dr. William Lane Craig
Resurrection Research Links

Articles on the Resurrection

Christianity, the Resurrection, and the Mystery Religions by John Ankerberg and John Weldon

Contemporary Scholars and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Dr. William Lane Craig

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ by Dr. Peter Kreeft

Evidence for the Resurrection by Josh McDowell

Explaining Away Jesus' Resurrection: The Recent Revival of Hallucination Theories by Dr. Gary Habermas

Outlining the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth

The Case for Christ's Resurrection by Dr. Gary Habermas

The Resurrection of Jesus Research Page by Christian CADRE

Audio Messages on the Resurrection

Claims of Jesus and Resurrection by Doug Groothuis

Did the Resurrection Happen? (Radio Interview) featuring Dr. Gary Habermas

Evidence for the Resurrection with Mike Licona

Evidence that Jesus is ALIVE featuring Frank Turek and Dr. Tim McGrew

Resurrection of Jesus: Interview with Gary Habermas

The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth by Dr. William Lane Craig

The Minimal Facts Approach by Dr. Gary Habermas

The Resurrection of Jesus by Tim McGrew 
Debate on the Resurrection

Gary Habermas vs. Kenneth Humphreys: Resurrection- Religious Fiction or Historical Fact? (2008)

For more debates and outstanding apologetics audio, 
go here.

on the Resurrection

Did Jesus Rise from the Grave? The Resurrection Reality featuring Lee Strobel

Is There a Case for the Resurrection of Jesus? (7:30) featuring Dr. William Lane Craig

Was Jesus Really Crucified? (3:20) featuring Mike Licona

Was there really an Empty Tomb? (3:00) featuring Mike Licona

What do Scholars believe about the Resurrection of Jesus? (4:26) featuring Dr. William Lane Craig

Why the Resurrection is Important (1:30) by Dr. Gary Habermas

We would love to hear from you. Please take a few moments to write to us if our ministry has been a blessing to you. Your comments and suggestions 
are also welcome. We urge you to please commit your life to Jesus Christ if you haven’t already done so.

Please forward our newsletters to others.

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters please let us know.
Find attached the classic book The Pursuit of God by A W Towzer.
I felt the nearness of God while reading them.
Here is a book for every pastor, missionary, and devout Christian. It deals with the deep things
Here is a book for every pastor, missionary, and devout Christian. It deals with the deep things
of God and the riches of His grace. Above all, it has the keynote of sincerity and humility.
Samuel M. Zwemer
Yours in His Service

The Christian Apologetics Ministry South Africa


Joshua Gilbert             

PO Box 562066

Chatsworth 4030

South Africa

27 31 4013157


If you would like to start a Christian Apologetics Ministry in your country/ area please contact Joshua Gilbert at


In this newsletter we focus on The Evidence for Jesus; Evidence for God and the Evidence for the Bible.<< MORE >>

Joshua Gilbert's Newsletter

Dear Friends,
As we celebrate Christmas we need to once again focus on the miraculous virgin birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
To help you understand this vital doctrine, we’re offering you a copy of Dr. John G. Weldon's e-book The Virgin Birth: The Celebration of Christmas as Proof of the Virgin Birth which was downloaded from
As you enjoy this resource, we encourage you to browse their  other e-resources in their newly revised Resource Center: There you may view their online Christmas Catalog well.
This is what Dr John G Weldon states about this most important doctrine in chapter 2.
No Virgin Birth, No Christmas?
“In this brief book, I wish to present a different argument than those typically employed in defense of the virgin birth.
Perhaps this has been discussed elsewhere, however to this point I have been unable to find such a discussion.
Due to its profound spiritual implications, Christmas isn’t just a cultural holiday. What we celebrate during
Christmas has eternal, infinite importance and explains why the virgin birth is vital to every person, everywhere, every day.
The truth is that the global celebration of Christmas itself proves the truth (historical fact) of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ
(and all it implies) in the same way that the very existence of the Christian Church proves the physical resurrection of
Jesus Christ from the dead. The latter is an argument powerfully reasoned in the work by leading New Testament scholar
and former Bishop of Durham Dr. N.T. Wright entitled The Resurrection of the Son of God. I have also discussed
why the existence of the Christian church is proof of the resurrection but will concentrate on the virgin birth here.
In essence, neither the Christian church nor the celebration of Christmas itself could ever have originated apart
from the historical facts underlying their logical causation – respectively, the resurrection and the virgin birth.”
See attachment for book The Virgin Birth: The Celebration of Christmas as Proof of the Virgin Birth  by John G Waldon.
As you enjoy this resource, we encourage you to browse their  other e-resources in their newly revised Resource Center: There you may view their online Christmas Catalog well.
Merry Christmas and a joyous 2013.
Please take a few moments to write to us if our ministry has been a blessing to you. We would love to hear from you.
If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters please let us know.
Yours in His Service
Joshua Gilbert
South African Christian Apologetics Ministry/ Creation Science Information Service
P O Box 562066
Chatsworth 4030
South Africa
031 4013157
084 4013157

News from Selah Farm, South Africa

News from the farm Selah. -Bouke Bokma

Dear Friends and family,

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts as well as encouragement. Time has gone by extremely quickly and we have not been in touch with everyone so the newsletter will hopefully get us all up to speed.

I present my excuses for lack of communication:  I had to prepare lectures, organise and arrange an implant course. Work and family commitments and just trying to live and hold things together is normal I guess. I call it spinning plates on upright sticks.

 A comment: if and when you either support me professionally (being a patient) and or referring patients to me it is one way of helping my family and I realise the vision of the creation ministry.

As many of you know I recently had a head on car accident with another vehicle operated by a driver under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. He did not know where he was going and when we realised where he was supposed to go we did not understand the route he was using.

Praise to the Lord we are still alive. I thank the Lord for giving me more time to serve Him. Hopefully we can reach out to the man in time. He clearly needs the gospel. My car will be written off and so we will be financially stressed trying to replace the vehicle; insurance pay outs take some time and usually do not cover the replacement of the old vehicle. Thankfully I can use our spare car but it is heavy on fuel and has high mileage. In spite of this in gratefulness we can continue following His calling.

Creation conference 2012.

I appreciated all of you who came to attend the conference. Presenting the first outline lecture was less nerve racking than last year. We enjoyed the following up lectures by the guest lecturers. Like last year we had a professor in the form of Danny Faulkner, and this year we had Jerry Bergman; so we have been privileged.  I learnt much from each presenter and my understanding of the Creation Flood Babel model even better. I had an opportunity to share a few slides about our visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA. In doing so I hope that I communicated what we learnt about AiG and shared something of what they are doing and what we could use to further our ministry. Something special was the behind the scenes tour of the AiG warehouse where the beginnings of the Ark Encounter project were shared with us.

It was great to have so much material on sale from Grace Media and CMI and others to supplement our lectures. The dvds of this conference are not yet finalised, will let you know when the ducks are in a row.

Jerry Bergman, Doug Sharp and Rich Geer together reached 350 people with the creation message in one form or another. We thankfully managed to get to each venue on time and made new friends and people of like mindedness. Our speakers slept in the library we are putting together.

We invite you to send this letter onto others who are interested and passionate about creation ministry.

Following some consideration and prayer we have decided not to have a conference next year. The main reasons are so that we can get something special set up and this will take considerable time and organisation as well as some financial implications.

Our thoughts are to have a Creation Camp on the farm in 2014. The aim would be to have families come and set up caravans and tents on the farm for a week end.  We could then have a time of fellowship, training and fun in a beautiful spot of His creation.

A rough outline is as follows:

Arrive on Friday afternoon. Set up, orientate and have supper (self-catering).

Friday night: opening session for everyone, adults and children. Includes worship session and an introductory talk.

Saturday: Breakfast (self-catering). Split sessions with children having talks and activities age related of course. Adults in lectures/training sessions.

Lunchtime break and teas can be done around communal urns.

Saturday night: Star party with braaing for dinner.

Sunday: Breakfast (self-catering). Morning service for all. Those that want to stay on for lunch would stay and help finish a project. (Hopefully a lifesize dinosaur). There is a private nature reserve next door and we have permission to go in and enjoy so we can experience that during the afternoon.

Financial implications:

In order to get a solid line up of speakers we would need some funding. Doug Sharp and Rich Geer generously paid for their own air fare and we managed to cover Jerry Bergman’s ourselves. We have in principle a few volunteers from the USA who are prepared to give up some of their time and visit us (assuming the dates work out).

1.     Mike Riddle.

2.     Danny Faulkner.

3.     Jerry Bergman.

4.     Jean Lightner.

5.     Andrew Snelling.

Others on the “wanted” list whom I still need to re-approach:

1.     Buddy Davis.

2.     Dan Lietha.

3.     Dave Crandall.

We also have local speakers whom I can call on.

1.     Hennie Mouton.

2.     Koos van der Westhuysen.

3.     Johan Smit.

We would appreciate any comments on this idea. If you think that you may be able to provide help in any aspect of organising the conference please let me know. Please pray that something of this idea may materialise.

Some ideas: tent and chair rental for lectures; portable toilet and shower rental. The more contacts we have to send out invitations the better so if you have access to a data base let us know and when the time comes we can give you the advert for you to distribute for example to your church. For those people not accustomed to camping; there are many places of accommodation within 10 minutes drive from our farm.

Progress at the Farm.

Bearing in mind the full vision that we have:

1.     Creation garden with prayer garden.

2.     Library.

3.     Cottage.

4.     Full scale ark, accommodating a creation museum.

5.     Mountain bike trail lined with life size dinosaurs.

We have the prayer garden and the outline of the creation garden.  Anika has the first station of the creation garden conceptualised and will soon purchase things like tiles and stepping stones. We constructed a water reservoir stand. We have put a tank up and it is connected to piping and it is almost ready to be filled up. It will provide water for the gardens. Little things like this take quite some time and money to put together. Praise the Lord for family, my father in law helps us out a lot. Praise Him for our farm workers who put extra effort in helping me at various tasks.

The library is constructed and I have cut wood and put some book shelves together. Installation will follow soon. We will then be able to un-pack recourses (dvds, cds, books, magazines to lend out) that have been in boxes for over a year. Shelves for my toy dinosaur collection (a few hundred in number, also boxed up) will need to be done as we go along.

The cottage is coming along; brick work is basically done for the ground level. The upstairs walls need to be put up (prefab panels), roof, first floor, window glass, flooring, plumbing, electrics, painting etc. I am thinking of having a work party to come out and help get the basic construction of this project accelerated to completion. If you would like to make yourself available for any project please let me know.  We hope this becomes a six-sleeper for guests, especially over- seas speakers.

The full scale model of the ark remains a vision that will come to fruition in time. I believe we already have enough people to provide talents and information. We have people at AiG and other creation museums who have said help and advice would be forthcoming when we were ready to get going.

The mountain bike trail with life size dinosaurs.  We hope that the trail can be laid out once the gardens are functioning as hands on exibits. We however need life size dinosaurs. Hence we would like to get Buddy Davis to give us a workshop on constructing the dinosaurs.

NPO – Non-profit organisation.

I have been talking about this for some time and I have sent out a provisional document to some of you. I am hoping that with one of our supporters we can this set up and functioning.

Please be encouraged as you read and continue to pray for the creation ministry. Praise Him for the progress so far and please be in contact.

In His service,


Bouke and Anika.



South African Apologetic Newsletter - Joshua Gilbert

In this newsletter we continue with issues relating to the origin of the Bible, its trustworthiness, its authority as well as the claims made by critics that there are alleged discrepancies or errors in the Bible.<< MORE >>
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